Basics of Book Editing and Publishing

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Best selling authors invariably acknowledge that book editing services play an integral part in their success stories. Creative writing may be at the heart of a book, but without professional attention to the requirements of a publisher, and those of the ultimate readers, many a writer’s brilliant effort remains just that: a testimony to hundreds of hours of work, but too raw a piece of writing to entice a real publisher to offer a publishing deal.

Book Editing ServiceEditing services cannot start too early.

Editorial advice can enable book writers to visualise the market for their work at the planning stage of fiction and non-fiction. And once writers have this focus they find that the book is both easier to write and more appealing to read.

Once the writing has started, a copyeditor can ensure that the layout and paragraphing will be professionally attended to. Submission editors at publishing houses are deluged with manuscripts and tend to discard poorly laid out work without a further glance. Writing advice on layout and punctuation can make the difference between rejection and success.

Fiction book editors are always hungry for new writing talent and support in this specialist area will enable a writer to avoid the most common mistakes that bedevil aspiring authors. Novels need themes, plots and characters as basic building blocks, yet many new writers blithely assume that their story will somehow emerge onto their page without a moment’s planning. They rarely do!

Getting A Book EditedGetting a book edited, therefore, is a must not an option if you are serious about improving your chances of securing a publishing deal. It is not the role of a commercial editor to teach writers how to write. Rather, it is their job to ensure that their natural style is honed and polished so that they communicate their message in as clear a way as possible.

In the specialist area of novel writing, editors will ensure that the writer’s opening pages grab the attention of readers. Their disinterested editing advice will always be more appropriate than the comments of friends and relations – who are almost always too keen to please and anxious not to offend.

Not that editors ever need offend! But their honest writing assessments and appraisals may sometimes surprise and shock aspiring authors. The reason is a simple one. If you toil away alone at a book manuscript for months on end you become so close to the writing that you just cannot view it with a critical eye. An outside observer, skilled at editing books can spot failings in seconds.

Online editing, with editors at your service by email, will give your writing that professional look which will appeal to book publishers and literary agents alike.

WriteAway book editing services are unique insofar as they are run by book writers for book writers. They know what it takes to get publishing deals. And their quotes for publishing advice and support will surprise you! Your writing deserves this help, doesn’t it?

If you prefer to do your own research into How to Write a Book then please feel free to use this link to the latest thinking on writing and publishing a book in eBook format for the Kindle eReader.

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